Alessandro Safina for the first time in Serbia

MTS Dvorana
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The world–famous Italian opera and pop singer - Alessandro Safina with a large symphony orchestra with a new program!

Winner of international competitions, owner of a unique natural voice, coupled with high technical and acting skills, Alessandro Safina sings fluently in several languages, invariably mesmerizing his listeners with charm and sensual timbre.
In addition to classical music, the singer's repertoire also includes pop compositions, elements of pop music, soul, songs from musicals combined with academic vocals, as well as the famous composition Luna from the album Insieme a te, familiar to many as the soundtrack of the most popular TV series "Clone".

Tickets: 3990 RSD


Alessandro Safina for the first time in Serbia

In combination with a large symphony orchestra, Alessandro Safin's performance will reveal the most daring shades of the voice, its extraordinary flight and volume of sound. The unique timbre, Italian charm and popular compositions will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of an unforgettable celebration of music and surrender to the charm of Italian life, the voice of exceptional warmth and natural depth that has conquered many opera and pop scenes of the world.

MTS Dvorana

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